Pilot information

Any questions? Let us know! event.ebmo@gmail.com

Pilot info

We are very pleased to welcome all pilots at the Moorsele Fly-in on the 1th & 2th of July 2017. We are expecting lots of traffic to arrive and depart from EBMO during this weekend. May we ask all pilots to closely study the pilot briefing package to ensure a smooth arrival and departure for everyone attending the Fly-in. Don't forget to check the NOTAMs on the day of your visit.

Pilot registration and slots

We kindly ask all pilots who are planning to attend the Fly-in to register at the bottom of this page, this enables us to keep track of how many aircraft we may expect. Slots are not mandatory, however the pilots who do reserve a slot will get priority during their arrival over pilots who didn't reserve a slot.

Overnight camping and barbeque on saturday evening

Pilots and passenger are given the opportunity to camp in their tent on the airfield. There are also a number of small hotels in the vicinity of the airfield. For those who are interested there is a barbeque saturday evening at the democratic price of 16euro/person. During the pilot registration you will also be able to register for the barbeque until the 27th of June.

Pilots visting from the UK

This year you can fly DIRECT from the UK to EBMO. It's MANDATORY to fill out the GAR form and email it to: event.ebmo@gmail.com. Customs located at EBKT will be notified of all GAR's that we receive, spot checks at EBMO can be expected. The GAR form can be downloaded here.


Pilot Briefing 2017 V1.5 (updated 29/06/2017)


You can register by filing out the following form: http://flyinmoorsele.be/registrationform.php